Clinical Research Staffing Solutions

Gemini Staffing Consultants is uniquely positioned to offer hiring services for 3 different hiring models: contractual, permanent/FTE and contract-to-permanent conversions.

Our clients are faced with ever-changing shifts in strategy as they conduct clinical trials, and alignment of resources is often one of the first initiatives that are altered mid-stream. As your clinical research staffing provider, you can be assured that Gemini Staffing possesses the flexibility to coincide with your needs. Staffing plans change – we can change course right along side you.


Candidates are identified, pre-screened and then deployed to the client site while under the legal employ of Gemini Staffing; direction and control of said workers belongs to the client for a pre-determined period of time. All payroll, taxes, applicable withholdings and other legal employer responsibilities rests with Gemini Staffing under this structure. All workers are paid on an hourly basis by Gemini Staffing and the client is subsequently invoiced for workers’ services.


Candidates are identified and pre-screened on the client’s behalf.  This type of worker becomes the employee of the client immediately upon hire; Gemini is paid a fee that is structured around the first year salary of said worker.  All such placements are inclusive of a refund and/or guarantee policy.


Placement begins as temporary/contractual in structure for a period of time; candidate then converts to a full-time employee after said period of time.  Depending upon the period of time the worker is under Gemini’s employ, the fee for the conversion to that of a full time employee is reduced and is, in some instances, waived entirely.

clinical research staffing solutionsclinical research staffing solutions

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