Why Gemini

We are 100% committed to providing recruiting services to the Life Sciences community that leave both clients and candidates wholly satisfied with our process, approach, professionalism and, most importantly, our level of integrity. The results will typically follow if we adhere to those four core concepts, and our history has shown extraordinary results.

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What the CLIENT can expect from us


  • Each and every candidate that is presented to you will have been thoroughly pre-screened against the requirements provided to us and have been deemed worthy of consideration by Gemini.  Our approach has always been quality over quantity, thereby saving you time.
  • Candidates are given any and all detail relative to the job that you have provided us.  This includes company, title, compensation, company culture and environment.  We believe in complete transparency.  Conversely, if there are aspects of the role/company that you wish to remain confidential, it will remain confidential.
  • Presented candidates have formally given us their written permission to send you their CV and credentials to you for consideration.
  • You will be provided a thorough understanding of compensation expectations/requirements, the reason behind their current job search, where they are in said job search and what they seek in their next role.
  • You will be kept abreast of the candidates interview activity outside of the role for which he/she interviewed with your company, as well as detailed feedback about their interview experience with your company.  If there is no other activity to speak of, you will be informed of just that.
  • You will be charged a fair mark-up for hourly hires and a fair price for permanent hires.   Every hire is different, but one theme is constant with us:  we don’t price gouge.
  • If there are rules of engagements in place relative to your recruiting process, we adhere to them.  Always.

What the CANDIDATE can expect from us


  • For starters, FULL DISCLOSURE.  You are informed of the company, role, expectations, location and compensation of any role for which you wish to be presented.  There is no such thing as a “blind submittal” at our company.
  • You control the destination of your CV. Since the day we opened our doors, we have never sent a candidate’s CV to a client without their written permission in advance – and we never will.  If we present you to five roles at five different companies, it will require written permission from you five times.
  • You will receive a comprehensive interview preparation in advance of any interviews, telephone or in-person.  This includes names/title of those with whom you will meet, interview content, timeframe expectations, for whom to ask upon arrival, driving and parking instructions along with any other information that we feel will increase your chances of a successful interview.
  • For candidates placed in the field on consulting assignments:
    • You will be paid on a weekly basis, via direct deposit, based on hours worked and approved by the client.
    • All appropriate state and federal taxes will be withheld and a W2 Form will be issued to you from Gemini Staffing Consultants no later  than January 31 for the prior tax year

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