Recent Staffing Highlights

We compiled a highlight-reel of what we feel are the most critical hires we made for our clients in each of the calendar months of 2017!

While there were many compelling and mission-critical hires this year, we chose to feature only one per month that had the most impact on the candidate or the client –if not both! Be it for a rare therapeutic area, a hard-to-find skill set, a near-impossible deadline to meet – Gemini Staffing delivered:

alt tagclinical research assistant january new jobs


4 Regional Sr. CRA’s for a Mid-Atlantic –based CRO. Resources needed a drug/device combination background and located in areas that ensured coverage in the 4 main geographic quadrants of the US.

alt tagclincal associate director operations new jobs february


2 Permanent/FTE Associate Directors, Clinical Operations for Cambridge-based sponsor (rare disease)

alt tagclinical new jobs gemini staffing


Permanent/FTE Regional Sr. CRA for same client referenced in January to manage Southeast US sites

alt tagsr medical writer gemini staffing new jobs april


Sr. Medical Writing consultant for Cambridge-based sponsor company (infectious disease) to assist with writing of Clinical Study reports for one study and creating SOP’s for another study

alt tagDrug safety pharmacovigilance consultant


Drug Safety/Pharmacovigilance Consultant for Cambridge-based sponsor (oncology) to help go through backlog of SAE case processing while taking a lead role in the migration/implementation of a new PV safety database

alt taggemini staffing new jobs gcp auditor


Consultant GCP Auditor to conduct 6 audits in 8-month period for NYC based sponsor (pain management)

alt taggemini staffing cambridge bio pharma staffing


Consultant M.D. for Cambridge-based sponsor (rare disease) to provide medical monitoring and interim Chief Medical Officer services.

alt tagpermanent fte vice president clinical operations


Permanent/FTE Vice President, Clinical Operations for a Cambridge-based sponsor (immuno-oncology)

alt taggemini staffing consultant executive director


Permanent/ FTE Executive Director, Clinical Operations for a Cambridge based CRO

alt taggemini staffing clinical research new jobs october


Consultant In-house CRA for a Cambridge-based sponsor (rare-disease)

alt taggemini staffing clinical strategy new jobs november


Consultant interim head of clinical operations/program manager for Cambridge-based sponsor (neuropathy) to direct overall clinical strategy and development of clinical protocols

alt taggemini staffing consultant manufacturing facility new jobs


QA/GMP Consultant to aid in the planning and implementation of a 2018 buildout of a future manufacturing facility for a Metro-Boston-based sponsor (immuno-oncology)

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